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FINALS DAY, 17.3.2018


Finn Lions vs Pozhaluistasticks, 3-2.

We faced Pozhaluistasticks, who had placed second in the regular season, in our semi-final.

The German ice was very slippery, and slightly narrower than usual due to the large snow banks.

We had 2 lines:

1 Suominen-Sillantaka-Navarrete; Merilä-Zhukov
2 Vetstein-Jumpponen-Ahokas; Filatov-Jokela-Decaen (these 3 rotating in defense of the second line)
Goalie: D.Kozlov

As expected, Pozhaluista started with a big tempo. They had a good feeling of the slippery ice as they had all played a practice game 2 days ago.

We had a close call when the main referee Feldmann from Germany whistled a Pozhaluista goal that was actually a bounce from the snow bank. Luckily the female side referee saw the situation and the goal was cancelled. Pozhaluista players also showed great sportmanship by conceding that it was not a goal.

We came twice back from behind with Suominen scoring 1-1 from his red line break and a break away, and Jumpponen scoring 2-2 with a big slap shot from 8 meters.

After 50 minutes of play, Vetstein came up with an idea of a Power Line that included Suominen, Sillantaka, Navarrete, Jumpponen and Ahokas. We started to throw in the Power Line occasionally.

With the first shift of the Power Line, Suominen scored 3-2 with an incredible shot from a tight angle that became the decisive goal.

The biggest hero of the game was our new goalie, 17-year-old D.Kozlov, who played only the second broomball game of his life.

With the skills acquired as a floorball goalie, he made many incredible saves, and gave us time to get our game together.

Suominen 2+0=2
Jumpponen 1+0=1
Navarrete 0+1=1

Our best forward in this game was Suominen and best defender Decaen. The best goalie of the game was D.Kozlov.

After the semi-final we enjoyed a 40-minute break at the German embassy bar. Then we faced Disney in the final. In its semi-final, Disney beat Canadian Cougars 12-3.


Finn Lions vs It Disney Matter, 6-5

Disney had won the regular season and have several hard-shooting big guys.

We played with the same three lines, with which we finished the semi-final: The Power Line, The First Line and the Second Line.

Disney was very strong in the beginning and were leading 0-2 after the first period.

However, then our game clicked and we took a 6-3 lead. We scored 6 beautiful goals by Suominen (2), Navarrete, Sillantaka, Ahokas and Jumpponen.

Disney had often two forwards deep in our defensive zone, which gave us space to run in the middle zone.

As we started scoring a lot, their big forwards started to have small internal arguments.

During the final ten minutes, a small panic started within our team and they scored 2 goals to make the game 6-5.

It was an incredible feeling when the whisle blew and the game ended. Finn Lions became the Champions after 5 years of waiting.

We lost 70% of our Champion team after the latest Championship 5 years ago. It has taken many years to develop a new winning team.

This team has been excellent. In the final day, our secret was that we had more players (all with an excellent fighting sprit) than the others, but also the fact that our team has real superstars including Suominen, who scored many important goals despite his knee injury.

Suominen 2+1=3
Navarrete 1+2=3
Sillantaka 1+2=3
Jumpponen 1+0=1
Ahokas 1+0=1
Filatov 0+1=1
Merilä 0+1=1

Our best forward in this game was again Suominen, and best defender Jokela. The best goalie was again D.Kozlov.

The season is now over, although it is possible that a few practice games will be organised, including on next Saturday.

I want to thank all the players that took part in this incredible season. Our gold medals will be awarded at the Season-Ending Party at the German Embassy in 21 April.

We are planning to go there in big numbers. More info on the party will follow later.


Finn Lions vs Pozhaluistasticks 6-13, 3-1. 15.3.2018


Today we played a practice game against Pozhaluistasticks to prepare for the finals in 2 days.

In the end, we had only 4 Finn Lions (Sillantaka, Navarrete, Ahokas, Jokela). We combined with 4 Germans and had a rotating goalie.

We did not take the game so seriously, and Pozhaluista took a 0-6 lead, before we started scoring too. In the end we lost the first game 6-13.

We played also another small game in the end that we took a bit more seriously that we won 3-1 partially thanks to excellent goal tending.

Our next game is the semi-final at 10:00am on Saturday. See you on the ice well on time. I will send the game tactics, plans and instructions tomorrow over Whatsapp.

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