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Finn Lions vs Canadian Cougars, 6-3, 17.1.2019


Yesterday we beat the Cougars in an extremely physical battle that reminded more of snow ball than broomball. We had 2 lines, which gave us an advantage in the tough conditions.

We played with the following line-up:

1 Suominen-Sillantaka-Navarrete
2 Martikainen-Pitkanen-Filatov
Defense: Vetstein, Schwander, Vanhanen
Goalie: A.Kozlov

It was snowing throughout the game, and the snow banks were very soft. It was ideal conditions for the Canadians, who love the physical aspect of the game.

The game was full of incredible man-on-man battles in the snow banks. Largely both teams used fair means, and the game was very enjoyable.

We started the scoring with 2 goals from our second line, and were leading 2-0 after the first period.

In the second period, we conceded two goals and the game was even 2-2. Towards the end of the game, our man advantage became more apparent and we ended up winning 6-3 with Navarrete scoring our last goal in the very last attack of the game.

Our second line won its own game 3-0, while our first line tied its own game 3-3. Why was the performance of the second line better?

Partially because the forwards of the second line actually defended the red line together in a wing formation. This gave them a tighter defense, more counter-attacks, and, in general, more time spend in attack.

In addition, the back-checking of the second line was excellent led by its center-forward Pitkanen. He was really the man of the match, and showed example of the real fighting spirit and man-on-man wins.

I want to bring up also the performances of Schwander, who was always helping the center-forward in the right time, Vetstein, who played a skillful and courageous game in the defense, and Martikainen, who played today his first official game of broomball. His performance was promising as can be seen in the game stats, and he is very good addition to our team.

Filatov 2+0=2
Martikainen 1+1=2
Suominen 1+1=2
Navarrete 1+1=2
Sillantaka 1+0=1
Pitkanen 0+1=1
Vanhanen 0+1=1

Our best forward was Pitkanen, and the best defender Vetstein. These are chosen after the game by the opposing team captain - and if needed, helped by me.

By the way, on Saturday, our best forward was Ahokas, and the best defender Palonen. The best goalie in both games was our goalie, A.Kozlov. The best goalie is chosen by the referees.

The next game should be on Saturday at 13:00 against Team America. I am a bit concerned about the warm weather on Friday, and whether it might make the ice unplayable for Saturday. However, so far the Germans do not see a cause for concern, so the game is on!


Finn Lions vs It Disney Matter, 8-7, 12.1.2019


Today we started the official broomball season by playing against Disney. This was also the season-opening game for the whole league.

We played with A.Kozlov as a goalie, forwards Sillantaka-Ahokas-Filatov-Navarrete-Pitkanen and defenders Palonen-Zhukov-Vanhanen.

We started very strongly even though Navarrete and Pitkanen missed the beginning of the game.

We were leading 6-1 (!) after the first period with a very strong game by Ahokas and three incredible long-range shots by Filatov, Sillantaka and Pitkanen.

In the second period, Disney started to improve and we lost our best game. Nevertheless, we were still leading 7-2 after the second period. Even though the Disney players are big guys and hard shooters, many of their shots went heavily wide or to the sky.

In the third period, the game became a nail-biter with Disney catching up goal by goal. But we held our lead with big thanks to our excellent goalie, A.Kozlov.

There are areas where we can improve our game:

- When the opposing forward has the ball within 7 meters of our goal, GO IMMEDIATELY TO THE LEGS and to the ball. Do not let them protect the ball, turn and shoot.

- Against a tough opponent like Disney, the best opening game is often a high throw by the goalie to the corner of the red line. This is safe defensively and gives us usually an attacking opportunity.

- We need to have always at least 3 players between the ball and our own goal. Today there were occasions, in which our forwards went too deep in the same time, which resulted in dangerous counter-attacks to our goal.

- We defended the red line today well in a wing formation, which gave us a lot of counter-attacks especially in the beginning of the game. We need to keep on doing this especially against the strong teams.

- Our passing and shooting was today mostly very good. We also blocked their shots well (NEVER LET THEM SHOOT).

We have lost a few players from the last-year Champions team, but also gained a few very good new ones.

Today Vanhanen made his return to Finn Lions in an official game after a 16-year break and played a strong game in defense.

In the same way, Pitkanen returned to Finn Lions after a 10-year break and is great addition in the offense.

It is a pity that our team will lose Ahokas at the end of January, as he has become a very strong player both offensively and defensively. On the other hand, we still have in the reserve strong players including among others Suominen, Jumpponen, Vetstein and Martikainen, none of whom played today.

Ahokas 3+1=4
Filatov 2+2=4
Sillantaka 1+3=4
Navarrete 0+3=3
Pitkanen 1+1=2
Palonen 1+0=1

As before we count as passes the first passes as well as beautiful second passes (clap-clap-style). The first passes can also be somewhat 'dirty' bounces from opposing players.

The next game will be on Thursday against the Canadian Cougars at 20:30, while on Saturday we face Team America at 13:00. Please do in/out for both of these events in Nimenhuuto. There are no refereeings in the coming week.

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